Transforming Computational Visual Music to Fine Art Monotype Prints
D├ępaysement means a change of scenery, a unique word in French that captures emotions shared by travelers. The pandemic has changed the entire globe and caused such feelings in many of us. With this project, we created a series of monotypes based on the visual music When Leaving Becomes Arriving we produced before. The process includes 1) toner transfer of digital images, 2) additive or subtractive inking with found objects, and 3) layering and iterations. This workflow supports spontaneous creative impulse and inspires experimentation of ideas and compositions. Transforming screen-based work into tangible media is a refreshing experience. The mixing of ink, the marks from rollers or brayers, the placement of the found objects, and the arrangement of stencils, all contribute to the final output. We hope this project will encourage other computer graphics artists to explore fine art printmaking as an alternative to digital printing.